How Do I Reduce Chrome Memory Usage?

22 February 2021

Chrome is today one of the most commonly and widely used cross-platform web browsers which was developed by Google. It was initially released in the year 2008 for Microsoft Windows and was later ported to other companies such as Mac where it was set up as the default browser in their operating system (OS). It covers 70% of the worldwide population where maximum people prefer using Google Chrome instead of any other web application.

So, today we will talk about the memory space that chrome has been consuming. Earlier it was not observed how memory/ RAM chrome has been consuming but now, with so much intelligence people have been observing that chrome has been consuming a lot of memory. So, we will provide a few tips that can help you from stopping Chrome from using too much memory.

How can you stop Chrome from using so much memory?

  1. Remove unnecessary chrome extensions to reduce memory usage
  2. Close all the unwanted tabs
  3. Run a weekly malware scan (only by a trusted antivirus scanner)
  4. Remove conflicting extensions
  5. Disable site isolation feature
  6. Enable hardware acceleration

Therefore, these were some steps that you can take under consideration. They can help you to control the memory that chrome has been consuming.

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